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Students of GBPEC are taking a stand for their campus. Be a source for our motivation.

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Govind Ballabh Pant Government Engineering College (GBPEC) was established by the Govt. of NCT of Delhi in the year 2007 that was supposed to meet the needs aspiring students of Delhi and neighbouring areas who wanted to become well-trained engineers.

The college harbours more than 800 highly talented students and their dreams and aspirations. GBPEC has the highest number of permanent faculty present in Delhi, that is forty-three and all these faculty were recruited through UPSC. Both the faculty and students come from far flung areas and there is no accommodation as such to save them from the horrendous to and fro journey. Some students waste more than 5 hours a day in traveling leaving very little time for them to study.

At the time of establishment, it was promised that an ultramodern campus in over 60 acres of land would be constructed for G B Pant Government Engineering College in the vacant land of G B Pant Polytechnic. Presently, our college is surviving on just an insignificant 2.48 acres of land just because of pure negligence despite being a government institution. On the other hand, IIITD which is a public-private institution was started in 2008 has spread itself over an area of 25 acres (which was promised to G B Pant Government engineering College) in just nine years with all the resources, including hostels, to aid the growth of their students and GBPEC which is older is operating from the abandoned hostel block of G.B Pant Polytechnic.

Although changes have been made so as to compensate a professional degree college with high-end technical labs and requirements but not much has changed in terms of campus growth and development when it is gauged against the time scale, except for a few coats of paint here and there. The faculty as well as the students are paying a huge price by compromising on the standard of education.

The circumstances of the college are worse than ever which is aggravated by the fact that some very basic requirements of a prominent engineering college are not being met.

It is really difficult to get through the day without facing some major issues. The classrooms are so long that the professors are not audible and boards are not clearly visible. This is due to the fact that these classrooms were designed to be dormitories for GBPIT hostellers, not lecture halls. They are home to creatures that don't really belong there and the seating arrangements are dreadful. The laboratories are not updated with the latest scientific equipment and the pre-existing apparatus is not usable primarily due to the improper maintenance owing to the lack of space which hinders the overall practical approach to different subjects. Even though there are twelve batches that are being held simultaneously, only eight functional classrooms are currently available. Moreover, the 4th year students have a hard time because there is no spare place in the entire college property for them to attend lectures.

Sports is an indispensable part of the holistic development of a student. The whole college has only one basketball court and two badminton courts that too derived from the area supposed to be used for one, serving the needs of all sports infrastructure for around 800 students.

All the people associated with the institution (fraternity) are facing problems when it comes to sanitation and basic facilities such as water coolers, Wi-Fi etc. The students are forced to use just one washroom on the entire campus.

Our highly qualified regular faculty has been selected through UPSC examinations are unable to engage in research and their other academic pursuits work.

The library of an institution which has the faculty pursuing research work and higher degrees can't hold any more than 80 people at the same time. It is not equipped with latest books and the books present lack maintenance and all due to lack of area. The only hall that is used as an auditorium can’t accommodate any more than 50 people at its maximum capacity.

There is no hostel facility for the students which makes it difficult for students commuting from far off places in Delhi, Students coming from other states and also for differently abled students. This also hampers the possibility of students interacting with faculty and doing practical research work outside the working hours, which could be possible if there are hostels and faculty residences on campus.

G B Pant Government Engineering College and its students have immense potential to grow but are inhibited because of the lack of resources in terms of infrastructure and lack of humungous amount of space. The struggle is getting more prominent than ever and the students are not ready to compromise on something that is rightfully theirs. We want everybody to heed to our cause. All we want is a campus to meet the requirements of a progressing government engineering college.

 When GBPEC was inaugurated in 2007, 60+ acres of land was proposed. Presently, our college is surviving on just an insignificant 2.48 acres of land just because of pure negligence despite being a government institution.


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