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Students in FLHS to Love themselves

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There are many suicides/deaths occurring because of students feelings unsafe or scared to be who they are.We need to make this a safe haven for all the depression and anxiety going through the students minds. In some ways, students in Francis Lewis High School barely or never acknowledges how they interact with others which can also lead to deaths in our school. There are always fights no matter where you're going; Physically, Verbally, and Mentally. This also makes a bad reputation of our school, showing it as if this place is a very hostile environment for student at learn, or even to socialize with other students. 

Another issue is that we only have one minor tragedy that the school makes it public. Just two weeks ago, a girl who didn't pay attention to her surrounding while crossing under a bridge which is near by our school building got into an accident. Dr. Marmor, our school's principal, made announcements, repeating and pleading to the students to always watch where they are walking while entering and departuring from the school building. The school also put up posters all around the building to tell student to take precaution with their surroundings. 

Now this week is another tragedy. One of the saddest and horrific tragedies us students have ever heard. This news spreaded like wildfire from student to student, and from staff to staff. However, no principal nor staff member made any announcements telling to students to not commit suicide, nor harm themselves. They've kept this news quite confidential, which that idea failed at this point in time. 

Us students who are going to start this "Love Yourself" Campaign (Inspired by a Korean band who have happened to partnered with UNICEF, making their campaign called "Love Myself: End Violence") want to stop all of this. We want students in Francis Lewis High School to fell safe. We want them to have self confidence in themselves. And we want them to Love Themselves. Taking your own life is never a way to solve anything nor ending someone else's life. It causes the people around the victim to have depression, thinking they have been at fault, and causes that domino effect where everyone starts to take their own lives.

Though our school has sent emails to parents to discuss about the topic of suicide, however, parents might have a drawback talking about this particular topic since it involves self harm. Topics like these are hard to discuss with your children at home, especially for the ones who had a family member who have also committed suicide. If parents aren't able to talk about this issue, they may want another adult to educate it and talk about it. An issue like this must not be ignored upon, or the death rates will keep increasing.

Our goal is to stop violence from all kinds of people, whether it's self harm or from someone else. Though we may not stop the deaths or violence completely, however, we can decrease the death rates and the violence from our school.

Another goal of ours is to create an assembly or an event, telling students of all grades about self harm that's been caused by depression, stress, bullying in all forms, antis, pressure, and mental illnesses. Also, informing the audience on how to treat one another because they may or may not know the way they interact with their peers can effect one's life. And of course, tell the audience how to stop suicide, and make this school a haven and safe environment for students which we believe will have one of the brightest futures. However, the board are rejecting our request.

Now we want your help and support to make this happen. 5,000+ signatures (The estimate population of our school: 4,700 students and 300 teachers/staff) is the amount of signatures we want to obtain from the school. If we can't obtain signatures from the school itself, then we'd ask for the fans of the Korean band who wants to promote them, not just for music, but how they are saving lives with UNICEF by ending violence, to sign as well.

*For the international fans of the Korean Band, The Francis Lewis Love Yourself Campaign can't thank you enough if you (have) put in your signature. This shows that people outside our school, state, country, and continent, also takes note of this, and cares for all lives.*

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