Collective Group Project (Equality between campuses)

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Hello everyone,

With this petition, we want to make it possible to individually choose the "collective group project" company you want to work for.

After ESCP Turin finally announced this year's scope of the collective group projects (2 months after the Madrid & Paris campuses), we were told that we couldn't choose the companies we would like to work for, according to our interest. It means that groups will choose their company by the majority, so some team members won't be interested in the project and therefore might not contribute to it.

In Madrid and Paris, every student had the option to choose their company by making a list of their 4 favorite choices. They were then dispatched into groups regarding their preference such as interest.

Here, in Turin, we don't have that choice. We are obliged to make a decision with our group instead of individually choosing the future of our Collective Project (which is a major event of our academic year since it could potentially lead to an internship).

This petition will be sent to Chiara Succi (head of Turin campus), on Wednesday, in order to make things change and be able to work for a company we will be interested and invested in!