CSULA 2021 Commencement

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Alicia Ybarra started this petition to Students of CSULA

My college friends & Alumni:
Cal State Los Angeles will not be participating in Commencement for 2020 or 2021 Graduates.

Students will be notified after Spring Break that they will not have an opportunity to graduate in person, while other schools in Los Angeles County AND other CSU Schools are holding in person Commencement.

Look, we all have a story, we all have a purpose, we have ALL studied hard for this moment, and it is now being taken away from us once again. Our voices need to be heard, we all need to be treated equally as one CSU system and this is not being done. Other Cal States are holding in person commcecement ceremonies, why is Cal State LA different? Is it because students are not vaccinated? I am vaccinated, I can travel outside of the country and watch a movie in a theatre, but I can’t graduate? I can attend a Dodger game with a mask on, but I can’t walk across a stage to obtain an EARNED DEGREE?

I have started a petition to try and make a change! please help our students and give us an opportunity to choose how we would like to celebrate our own educational victories.

We deserve to graduate just as much as the other colleges! What is it going to take to give us this opportunity? Please reconsider CSULA & President Covino!

Please sign this petition and help make a change!!! 


This petition made change with 501 supporters!

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