Wear sweatshirts over our school shirts

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Aside from a sense of individuality, sweatshirts or sweaters are a very common way to cover up certain qualities or features of different students that they would prefer the student body to identify them for or regard them for only that feature/condition. Such qualities could be anywhere from a medical condition (ex. covering skin conditions or something to cover a medical device such as an insulin pump) to physical features (ex. tattoos, self-inflicted wounds, or stretch marks). Allowing only these students to wear sweaters/sweatshirts would segregate them from the rest of the student majority and thus not help their situation but rather contribute to it. The logical solution is to allow all students to be able to wear sweaters/sweatshirts over their uniforms (as long as they are not deemed vulgar) aside from specially designated days where there are visitors at the school and everyone would need to maintain a professional appearance.

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