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Everyone experienced poverty, having a hard time to find a job, everyone needs money. But being a prostitute is the only way to survive through impoverishment? There's a lot of people outside who is giving an effort to find a decent job just to take care of their needs. Yet, some of us chose to be a whore. Why? Because for them, it is the easiest way to earn a great deal of money within an hour. Let us not be like them.
Sex addiction. We all felt the needs but, hiring or purchasing a whore is the right thing to do for us to tolerate the feeling of lasciviousness? No. Why not marry someone? Nevertheless, they don’t. They say that they’re not yet ready for another obligations, they believe that they’re still enjoying their lives. What if you get an HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases? Isn’t an obligation to take care of? Isn’t another problem of yours? Be responsible enough.
Some of us are victim of rape or trafficking, their conceptions about sex have been derailed due to their childhood experiences. Hence, they became one of the prostitutes. Some are being forced to be part of prostitution, while others believe that that’s their life. Let's not forget to look into positive.
Therefore I conclude, Prostitution is a popular crime in all countries. According to the internet, women and children are forced to do things they don't want to do for the sake of earning money or in some cases they are just being slaved. This kind of act is not the solution for making one's life better, it actually worsens it.

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