No exams for final year students.

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Internal assessment may include 50% of marks and the rest 50% should be evaluated on the basis of their previous five-semester result. Moreover, it was stated that in view of the terminal year, students have of course put their best efforts. That is why a 10 per cent increase in the average marks derived from previous theory assessment should also be granted to the students so that their GPA is not affected and they can make up form their lost year or semester.

Teachers are not trained to take online lectures: Even though online lectures are being conducted by the students, still some are not able to access adequate internet, laptops and online textbooks. In spite of teachers conducted online classes, they can not replace physical books and lectures. Some students are unable to understand what the teacher is teaching in the online lectures as they themselves do not adequate knowledge to teach through the internet. This resulted in the negligible outcome of the online classes for the students.

Inadequacy of study material: The most prominent disadvantage which is faced by the students is that some of them have returned to their hometown during the mid-semester break. Due to this, they do not have books, notes, and other study material. This is some unavoidable uncertainties regarding their masters, jobs, and all the future planning and also the inability to meet their peers and teachers to clear off their doubts.