No Cheating in Educational Institutions

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Whether it is the water crisis of Pakistan, rigging in the General Elections, or allocation of funds to SMEs by the government, corrupt politicians and statesmen are at every level of heirarchy in Pakistan. 

This can be traced back to one habit of theirs which was prevalent in their school or university days; Cheating. Cheating on exams, quizzes and assignments gives false security to students, who believe an easy-out solution for every tedious task. The result is the student depending on that easy-out solution and not making a genuine effort to solve the problem. When the student goes out into the workplace, he/she starts implementing the easy-out solution, which in turn paves way for corruption. 

What is more detrimental is the mindset that paves the way. Statements like "Kisi ki maddad hojati hai" or "Kuch nahin hota" give the student a false foundation to lie upon. 

The problem is that there aren't harsher regulations, laws, school codes that prevent cheating. Even if there are, they aren't implemented by teachers, because they themselves belong to such a mindset. 

For example:

There are 40 kids in class. If 20 of them start cheating, and the teacher does not do anything, the rest 20 feel like there is no point in making an effort for a just result. 

On the other hand, if there are 40 kids in class, and 1 student gets caught cheating, and is expelled or suspended, the fear is instilled in the minds of the other 39, now forcing them to make an effort. In future, when they elevate to more professional posts, they always have this consequence at the back of the head.


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