Minecraft education edition for Online School

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Online classes sometimes are difficult to catch up because its kinda the same every class, you join the video conference and then you received the assignment and it repeats mostly all the time, but with another platform that actually is more interactive and student and teachers will completly have the interaction betwwen them in each class making out of the rutine and working in a fun, interactive and entertaining way.

Also Mojang is a good company that could give the minecraft education edition for free to the school.

So what´s the diference between minecraft education edition and minecraft standard edition; Minecraft education edition  comes with a lot of tools for teachers and students to interact and learn with the class (such as a camera, a notebook, chemistry elements, robots for scripts, pc´s to narrate a history or give an instruction; etc...) And minecraft Standard edition it´s the normal game with enemies and those mechanics of game.

So what im asking for is to implement this as a new tool to learn, teach, have a good time and stay connected with our friends and co workers