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Middle schoolers should be allowed to carry their bags during school hours.

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Students are mostly late to classes because the campus is really long, so they have to unlock their lockers and grab their materials, while also having 2 other locker buddies. It takes time and even though we have the passing time it's not enough to take our stuff. This way, if we have our bags, we will be on time with all the materials required, and if we forget something, we wouldn't have to go all the way back to our lockers. However, if students wish to keep their stuff in their lockers, we should have the option to do either one. Students that have electives in the high school floor need much more time to go to their locker to get to class. Also, the "new" triangular desks are really small which most of the time our stuff does not fit. This is a hazard because our laptops are always falling off, and disrupting the class. Therefore, we have to put our stuff on the dirty floor where a lot of people step on. There is space to put our bags on the back of our chairs or next to us. By signing this you are agreeing to have the option to carry your bags throughout the day. Us DAA middle school students would love to have the privilege of carrying our bags around. 

- Shaadin Istaitie

-Nour El Hajj Ali

-Laeticia Bekhaazi

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