Marks moderation for physics board paper 2018

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The CBSE physics exam 2018 for class 12 was lengthy and tough. All the students were shattered and demoralized. Section C was especially time consuming and had too many HOTS questions. 30 marks of the paper (out of 70) was indirect and tricky to answer. 

CBSE has decided to cut down the physics syllabus drastically considering the fact that it is vast and is too much of a load on the students.Hence in all fairness, this 2017-2018 batch should surely receive the benefit of moderation.

Students who have been preparing for IIT and JEE for the past 2 to 3 years perhaps found it easier, but majority of the students depended on NCERT syllabus and school notes and found the paper hard and time consuming.  

We request the CBSE examination board to grant moderation for this year as even those few marks will make a huge difference in our future as we will secure a better average.