Make Regis University close its doors now.

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To the Regis community:

So far, Regis has taken inadequate measures in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic to protect the health and well being of its students. This may come as a shock to no one, yet we must stop their flippant and non-understanding attitude. Regis will continue to screw us over and not protect the health of its professors, students, and the world at large-until we speak up. 


Most schools are cancelled effective immediately as their deans, presidents, and other faculty have made the decisions (not rashly) to prevent illness from spreading rapidly. As far as Regis is concerned, they seem to have no care for the fact that illness can be prevented if only we stop sharing so many common spaces and spreading our germs around like we do at college. 

 I think we can all agree as students, faculty, and staff at Regis that Regis responses are not on time and often reflect a world of noncommunication. Personally, I am disappointed in our ever-disappointing President,  Father Fitzgibbons. For a man who parades as caring about the disenfranchised, he is certainly taking a stance against the elderly and the immunocompromised. 


Please sign this this petition to make Regis University  school closure (online class for students)  reality as soon as Friday March 13. Hopefully Regis will see this and cancel school by Monday the 16th at the latest but if not (which wouldn’t be very surprising considering their historically garbage responses) please email provost and flood them with requests for schoolchildren cancellation. WE ARE ENTITLED TO HEALTH