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Lower Prices at the Cafeteria

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This petition is to request for lower prices of food and drinks in the school cafeteria

Since most of the students don't bring food together with them inside the school, they are more likely to buy their food in the cafeteria. But sometimes, students tend to skip their meals and don't eat their snacks during recess or lunch breaks. One of the reasons why students don't buy from these facilities is that the prices of their products costs too much for an average student's daily budget.

These students deprive themselves of food due to many reasons. These reasons include: the lack of sufficient allowance, saving for something they want, or their priorities to buy materials rather than food.

This petition is aimed to allot lower prices for the food and beverages the school cafeteria offers. With that, both sides will benefit from this petition. First, the students are given a better option to buy the food they want because the prices can fit their daily allowance which will lead to a greater profit for the vendors. Second, there are health benefits for the students since they will not fear of suffering digestive illness such as ulcer after starving themselves since they can now appeal their needs in the cafeteria. Lastly, it will provide them a more flexible budget for their daily needs.

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