Let Zizo Lead!

Let Zizo Lead!

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We, the students of Stellenbosch University, condemn and call for the charges against our leader, Zizo Vokwana, to be dropped!

The decision by Stellenbosch University's Centre for Disciplinary Committee (CDC)  to terminate Zizo's participation in the SRC (Student Representative Council) must be reversed with immediate effect!

The Stellenbosch Anti Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Movement demand the following from Stellenbosch University (SU):

  • We demand a review of the rulings of the CDC, to determine whether or not the harshness of the sanctions placed are appropriate to the degree of the transgression in all cases to ensure an equitable disciplinary system.
  • We demand a review of the Student Disciplinary Code whether it takes place in the GBV Working Groups or a new team to do so;
  • We demand an external investigation into the disciplinary processes of Stellenbosch University to determine whether due process is followed and if bias exists;
  • We demand feedback from management regarding the implementation of the Anti Gender-Based Violence memorandum per discussions and agreements from 2019.

The Stellenbosch Student parliament stated the following in their open letter to members of the SU student body:

  • “Ms Vokwana and the broader student population should have been given more certainty in relation to how this disciplinary action would impact her ability to run (for SRC)”
  • “Her sentence should have been handed down early enough to grant Ms Vokwana the avenue of an appeal prior to the opening of voting (for SRC)”
  • “The results of Ms Vokwana’s hearings are not readily ascertainable by the student body and are largely passed on by word of mouth. In cases that affect the public, and especially in situations impacting sensitive processes, like SRC elections, Student Parliament believes there is an obligation to act swiftly and transparently.”
  • “We have been informed that the basis of the disciplinary sentence was on her publicly expressing her unhappiness with a supposed lack of support, by SU, for a GBV survivor.”
  • “Student Parliament supports Ms Vokwana challenging these findings, through the Disciplinary Appeal Committee.”
0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!