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sack mr. willbourne!

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Hello, I am a student at Thoreau Demonstration Academy.  There is a teacher named Rodney Wilbourne.  I want him kicked out, fired, gone from this school, and here is the reason why.  His job here is a teacher who helps out, example: when a teacher isn't here, he subs.  Everyone that I know, has said that they do not think he is helpful in any way, he also makes the young girls here very "uncomfterable."  What I mean by that is...; he asks to "help" tuck in girls skirts, when they can do it on their own, he likes to comment on things about their looks below the waist (ex: nice legs or why is your skirt rolled, let me help you!) Other students here have said that he is not helpful when they ask him for guidance in their work or he has accused them of lying.  He accused a fellow classmate of mine about lying when she was finished with her work, he didn't believe that she was done, even though she had the proof in her own hands. Today, a kid fell asleep in class and he kicked his leg two times to wake him up.  There is more to this story then words could speak.  Multiple people have gone to our principal, Audrey Doctor, about Mr.Wilbourne, but she will not take action, so I guess us, the students of Thoreau will have to take matters into our own hands.  I will name myself at a later date, if this petition gets the amount of things for our goal to be reached. I apologize for spelling errors, seeing how I am not the best speller in the world. Thank you for reading. -a student who's ready for action to happen

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