Justice For Students

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Why does a PSU ( public Sector Undertaking ) which is a held by GoI ( Government of India ) recruit through other channels like Campus Interview when there are standard Merit Based Exams like Gate etc ,

So only IIT and NIT are Engineering Colleges ? if a Govt Owned Company needs to visit Campus for Recruitment it should treat every college Equally and not discriminate between a few ,

The Constituion of India which is the Soul of the Indian Government mentions Equality of Oppurtunity and Status , Justice Social Economic and Political , all in its very first page in the Preamble , but what is in letter is not followed in spirit

Oppurtunity is not Equal when a student needs to spend years for Preparing Gate , get cut off , Move into Rounds and then Get his Placement offer while another just sitting in a Campus attends one Interview and gets his Placement ! isnt this Discriminatory

If Every States owned Colleges are neglected , how can i call this Co-operative Federalism

If PSU Banks can have a level playing merit based Examination why cant other PSU , is the Government paving way for Nepotism , is the process TRansaprent enough

Even though Unemployment is at all time highs yet there is no level playing Field,

If 51% stake held by GoI which is nothing but the Money of hard worked indians which they gave to see their nation shining ,is not shining ?

Can a poor farmers Son who went to a small Enginerring College in country side get into a PSU by Campus Interview from his college ,

Dr BR Ambedkar Talked about a just egalitarian India , but are we fulfilling his vision , are we following the democracy in spirit ?

We write this Just to see a more Egalitarian Indian Society

Please Speak up this in Parliament on behalf of the Youth of this Country