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Studying is really a part of life for every individuals who has given a chance to have it. It is a way for each and everyone to gain more knowledge and learnings for them to be more competitive and to excel in everything. But sometimes, we are being stressed of all the things we have done in school. Classworks, activities, groupings and the worse is HOMEWORKS. We spend most of our time in school, when we got home we're already tired and we wanted to rest and to have quality time with our loved ones, unfortunately, we still have to make homeworks which causes us to have less quality time with them and with ourselves as well.


Homework, or an assignment, is a set of tasks assigned to students by their teachers to be completed outside the school. Even if we like it or not,we have to do it in order for us to have good grades and to comply everything. Homeworks can really be difficult sometimes. It is hard to answer and to understand that's why we tend to hate it. Some can be easy if we have a prior knowledge about it but what if we don't have? It must be easy peasy but can be hard as stones on the bedrock. We can research about it, we can find answers about it if we want to, on the other hand, are those information are really correct and authentic? are those facts are really concrete? based on the TCN Student Activities 2017, there are 5 main reasons why homeworks should be banned:

1. Students spend several hours during the day doing school work. The rest of the day should belong to them. Many adults can relate to this as they remember their time as a student in elementary or high school. Students spend several hours a day learning, reading and writing. When the school day is over you are ready to move on and do something to help you unwind.
2. Homework can make things challenging for students juggling busy schedules with after school activities and part-time jobs. Nowadays, students are expected to multitask. This can be a good thing in encouraging students to be active and productive. But, some students are burned out by the end of the school day. They still have other responsibilities to tend to that homework could make more complicated.
3. Students, teachers and parents agree it is a waste of time. Many people feel it is almost pointless to have students completing homework when they have been in class most of the day doing the same thing. Such assignments may be more beneficial to students that need extra credit or need to improve their grades.
4. Homework may have students completing assignments incorrectly. Doing assignments in class is convenient and necessary when learning something new. You can ask classmates or your teacher to help you when you need assistance. At home, a student could be completing content incorrectly, but if their parent is not able to assist them they have to wait until they return to school to get the help they need.
5. Few believe how homework is given should be revised depending on subject matter. Some subjects people believe should be done in school and in class with peers to help students understand the concept better. For others they feel reading just 30 minutes daily is enough to do at home.

In conclusion, home works should really be banned. Students must have quality time with their family and to themselves as well.Home works shouldn't be a hindrance for us to attain our goals, instead, it must be vanished for everyone to enjoy and to rest for a while after a "bomby" situation they've encountered.


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