Hold Freedom Highschool's Guidance Counselors Accountable

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Here at Freedom Highschool located in Orlando, FL, students go to a public school 5 days a week and are trying their best to please their parents, the system that forces us to overload with AP classes, and hope to get into a good college. We are not perfect, but many of us are trying our best in an evermore competitive education system. Our guidance counselors are in office most days throughout the school year. They have all year to prepare and even the summer. There is no excuse for the mess of schedules that occurs 2 weeks before school starts every year. 

Goal #1: Change the schedule system. We should not be forced to choose our schedules for the next year, halfway through the year beforehand. We should be allowed to choose in the third quarter and have at least a month of notice instead of being handed a form out of nowhere. We should also receive our schedules for the next year by the end of the school year or early-summer.

Goal #2: An outlined list of a guidance counselor's tasks. What do they do 180 days a year? We want to know and we want to make sure that they are doing it.

We want change in our highschool. Many students feel depressed and unmotivated and something as simple as a schedule should not be making school life feel worse. We want to work with our faculty but only if they communicate with us. We want to take pride in our school but how can we do so if everywhere we look, nothing is getting done right? This is only the beginning.

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