Help us DELETE Racism!

Help us DELETE Racism!

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Started by Arimathea Suarez

Racism has occurred not only today but through different timelines. Centuries have passed, yet it still occurs and it has been a major problem ever since. We can change this world of ours in just one click. By signing this petition, it will help promote UNITY especially since racism occurs in different parts of the world. Our goals or objectives for this petition are to promote PEACE, to avoid being CRITICIZED, and to show that this world of ours can change through showing LOVE to others.

Everyone especially us Filipinos, are encouraged to take part in this petition in order to make a stop to spreading negativity to people who are deeply affected because of racism. Various problems arose from this such as the Stop Asian Hate Movement wherein, it shows that racism is present up until now and why it should come to an end. This also addresses the concern of how people look at others based on their race, culture, tradition, etc. which makes them think that there are other better races which makes them more superior than others. Through different organizations and projects, we can change the world into a better place. This is why our voices matter. We should TERMINATE racism and promote LIBERALISM!

Every SIGNATURE matters. You have the power to change everything. Sign the petition now, to achieve a brighter tomorrow!

#TerminateRacism #ShutDownRacism

#UnityIsTheKeyToDiversity #PromoteHumanRights

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Activity 7 in Empowerment Technologies, Provincia Hiberniae - Group 4, Arimathea Suarez, Jillianne Martinez, Gabriel Manabat, James Pura, and Pietrel Khan

7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!