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Help The Suffering Students At Ballyclare Highschool

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Teachers and Staff at Ballyclare Highschool are evidently abusing their powers;they do not work to help us become the best that we can be but instead punish the students as much as they possibly can.

Examples of their abusement of power include-

  • A student was given an after school detention for accidently hitting a teacher with a soft ball.The student apologised and absolutely no damage was caused to the teacher.In any other school this would have been seen as an innocent mistake,but in Ballyclare Highschool it is met with harsh punishment.
  • A student has spent 3 days being locked up in complete isolation due to his hair being 1cm shorter than it's supposed to be.He had his parents notified through phone call,e-mail and the post about this petty issue.His mother was mortified when she found out that he had missed 3 very important days of school due to his haircut which did not effect anybody in no way,shape or form.She could not believe that the school would punish him so severely for such a small act.A senior member of staff told him if he doesn't like how he's being treated 'to start looking for a new school because we don't care'
  • A student was given an after school detention for running in the playground.What else are you meant to do in the Playground?
  • Teachers find it acceptable to come and instigate trouble by staring directly into the eyes of younger pupils for twenty minutes straight.They do this almost everyday and creepily stare across the playground into groups of older aged teenagers thinking that they are intimidating them,when in reality the students just feel uncomfortable and think the teachers are weird.When the students finally decide to retaliate under the pressure of the teachers creepy gaze they are met with harsh punishments.

The students recall that the teachers told them if they wanted change they should join the school council and fight for it.That's exactly what they did-around 4 years ago the students along with the teachers came to the conclusion that the students should be gifted footballs and given football net.We were granted 2 Sondico balls that cost approximately £3 each,these balls went flat within the first week.It's been 4 years and we still don't have nets.The school council is all one big delusion to outsiders to make the school look as if the students have a say in how thing are run when in reality the school council and the school in general are run on lies and punishment.

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