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Help Make Student Opinions Heard

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At the Nash Rocky Mount Early College High School an issue has come to light. My classmates and I have found out that our opinions regarding the AP English class have been silenced and are not making an impact no matter how many of us stand up or what we say to our principal.

Recently we heard that the principal and the teacher we are having the issues with are good friends outside of school and have been for awhile now. It's been shown that the principal is using her status to shield her friend so our issues aren't going through and our concerns have not been taken away. Actions have not gone through to make changes for a class because they have an excuse for everything.

We would like our voices to be heard because it's unfair we have to be ignored so they can keep a friendship that the central office supposedly doesn't know about.

This petition will be given around the school for students and their parents to electronically sign to have their voice be heard and our caged opinions to be freed so others won't have to go through this time where our right to speak up has been taken away. We are in a free country which has the first amendment to give us this freedom of speech.

Guidance counselors are there to help us, the students, that are having issues with their work, or just there to hear our thoughts. We can't be just listened to, but things need to take effect and movements need to be placed in order to do this. Listening can't fix it.

This petition is to fix the issue of our silence. Our motto is, "fly high eagle pride!" But where is the pride in being silenced and our rights taken away?

We are also told to treat each other as if we are family with one another, but would family really block out each other and make someone's priorities be over another's just because of friendship or status?

I encourage anyone to sign this, whether you're part of the school or not, whether you know someone here or not. This is unfair treatment and we all deserve to be heard no matter our age or on the issue.

As I stated previously, this is to remove the block of silence. To do that, we need to get past the bond between the two, even if it involves removing them.

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