Landlords should be held accountable!

Landlords should be held accountable!

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Sophie McClorey started this petition to Students and

Landlords and student housing companies think that us students will live in filthy and infectionious conditions that are cold, damp and infested with vermin and pests! 

It is an absolute joke that us students have to pay a large amount of money to rent houses that lack basic standard of living needs! These conditions are apalling as landlords and student housing companies think that all students are the same and think we will just live in anything or ‘anything will do’ attitude!

This is not the case as the vast majority of students do actually want a clean and comfortable home whilst studying at university! 

My house has been infested with rats and mice and my student housing company expects me to eat and sleep there and still pay rent? With such vermin that carries so much dieases and poison!

My student housing company have sent pest control out and say there is nothing more that they can do! Seriously? I am not convinced that laying a little bit of poison down here and there will kill all of these rodents and stop them from entering our home which they should have never got in, in the first place!

I take frequent panic attacks and have a phobia of rats/mice this really wont help! I have suggested to our housing company could they swap us to somewhere else and they declined knowing our circumstances! 

Landlords and student housing companies think that us students can afford to pay such high deposits and rent for such low standard housing! My student housing company and landlord promised us over summer that our house would be fully repainted and cleaned before we moved in, this did not happen as our house was filthy and dirty when we moved in! We werent even provided with a hoover that actually works or a bin! Sofas are filthy, Our television has no sound and gaps/holes literally everywhere within our house! There was holes behind our toilet (easy access for vermin) , under our cooker, gaps between our cupboards and floorboards! And 3 of us are expected to pay £250-300 a month per person! So that is £750 to our housing company for a disgusting unhealthy house! 

Something needs to be done and things really need to change about student housing! How are we meant to eat and sleep in these conditions nevermind to study! 

I am raising a petition for every student that has been taken advantage of by landlords or by student housing companies that provide dirty and unhygeinic houses and simply dont care about us! 


So pest control has been sent out and handy men to fill up the gaps and holes and yet again my friends have seen more rats in our kitchen and running up our stairs � this obviously hasnt worked! And there is obviously alot of rodents! The poison isnt even killing them! So our landlord/ housing company still expects us to eat sleep and study here? We have all moved out with nowhere to go! We need our money back for this house! As this house is breaching our contract we signed for a clean and comfortable house not a filthy and infectionious one!

The housing company had also sent out some engineers to expect the house. Turns out we had a gas leak as-well hence the dampness! Should this have not all of been done before we moved in? 

I have had to come home from university in Liverpool due to all this! As I could not find anywhere else suitable to leave during the term! 




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