Have Maryland Pass Students For The Rest Of The School Year!

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Maryland recently made the announcement to hold back schools till May 15th. Schools have began to start online schooling which doesn’t work in many ways. First, there are many students who don’t have internet access 24/7, and school is the only way that can have it all the time. Secondly, you have put kids in an environment where all they do is eat, sleep, and relax. Now you are giving them work they aren’t prepared for. In school, kids understand that they have work to do, and they are used to that. But at home, kids are used to relaxing and not doing stressful homework. Lastly, the sleep schedule is completely off. Kids are taking this quarantine thing as a sleep in kind of thing. You have kids, especially Highschool and college, that used to wake up at 4-5am, and on the bus for an hour or so. Now waking up at 10-11am, and having to do school work for hours, while if they were in school. Would’ve had it already done.

At the same time, teachers aren’t really teaching. They are handing students work and if a student has a question, there isn’t really a good way at showing them what to do. In class however, they could go up to the board and show the students how to do a problem they are stuck on.

Also, for the parents. People have planned things to do with their families over the summer. Now, even with corona. We cannot do that, but summer is a time to hangout with at least your family and just have a great time swimming in your pool, relaxing in the backyard. Not being stuck inside doing homework and stressing out when you have a question and neither your parents nor teachers can truly help you.

This is why it is better to just pass everyone in the school, let kids relax, and just be a little bit behind when next year rolls around. It puts less stress on the students, teachers, parents, as well as the school system.