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Giving Free Tuition Fee's in the State Universities

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                          BOSES NG KABATAAN ORGANIZATION

                 “Giving Free Tuition Fee in the State Universities”


          Nowadays, many students have high dreams when it comes to their courses. But the issues we want to tackle in our website page are the expensive tuition fee’s which is one of the major problems of the students. Many students experiencing hard times when it comes on choosing the expenses of tuition fees. According to Senior Deputy, Executive Secretary Menardo Gueverra, President Rodrigo Duterte approved and singed the Republic Act No. 10931 “Giving free tuition fee in the state universities and colleges”. And base on the survey we had conducted last September 12, 2017 to the students who are studying in the state universities (Central Luzon State University) we discovered that the “Free tuition fee in the state universities and colleges” does not really exist.

          Our Mission is to voice out the problem of every students regarding on what their expensive tuition fees. We hoping that our open website page will serve as an eye to the government, students, parents, and teachers.

          Our vision is to help carry out free studies at the state3 universities and other colleges to lessen the problem of every students, to help the parents to support the studies of their child.


            The objective of “Boses ng Kabataan Organization” is to provide an open website to help students in State University to voice out by using our website they can chat us for their concern and also to share their experiences to help them we will post it on our open website page to disseminate the information from the students then hopefully the government “free tuition fee” program on state university schools will become true. Tuition fee is not the only expenses is the state universities there is also a miscellaneous fee and school activities that is needed to pay.


             “Ang boses ng kabataan” organization created an open website convincing the students to join us and also it is an open webpage for the students with multiple complaints such as increasing tuition fees, and other expenses in school were letting this open website work for everyone we give you a freedom to share your thoughts and also your complaints and we will make quick processing and give action to let the government know the problem.

          The content of our website page are the problems complaints, student’s rights and also pictures of the student on the state universities. Our organization created this open website page to inform the government that the Republic Act No. 10931 “Giving free tuition fee in the state universities and colleges” does not really exist.

          Our website page is an open forum website. Because we believe that using this kind of tool we can attract more supporters in our website, and also it is to improve our website page rankings.

          On our page we are also having a discussion about the rights of every students about the government Republic Act No. 10931. Because we know that the all youth have the right to study, but because of the high tuition fees many young people are not attending school and also they are stop learning due to lack of money, and because of free tuition fee all young people may be able to study.


          The participants of our topic are the students in the universities who have issues about the tuition fees. We hoping this project end as soon as when all state universities give action and give the expected free tuition fees and other expenses in state universities. And also  support from other people wants to join us because they see the aim of our topic also they see that if the government give action to the said problem many students will live conveniently. 


          “Ang Boses ng Kabataan Organization” can reached by phone at 09365785891 or visit our website page  we are open for your opinions, specially experience about our topic.







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