#ReuniteUsWithTheBeach *properly*

#ReuniteUsWithTheBeach *properly*

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Why this petition matters

Started by Jordan A Glickman


CSULB has spent two years avoiding the changes necessary to adapt to this pandemic. I understand that I'm reaching out to students and parents who may not be on the same page on vaccinations, but one thing we can agree on is that our school, CSULB, is not putting in the work. We're paying full price for tuition has half the effort put into it, when there are SOLUTIONS other schools are doing to try to ensure safe in-person instruction.

I'm starting a petition to send a message to our school president, Jane Close Conoley, that we need her to do her job better and to adapt to what's actually necessary to ensure safe in-person instruction

Our demands

1. We should have optional virtual learning. This means that we should receive in-person and online instruction for ALL classes. If our students feel ill or are just worried they could infect their loved ones, they should be able to have a CHOICE to not attend schools in-person.

2. Weekly on-campus testing for ALL students and staff. Why are our sports departments they only ones getting weekly testing? If this was mandatory for all students we'd all feel much safer being around each other in a public setting.


Please tweet, post, this hashtag and @ our school. We deserve to ATLEAST attempt safe in-person instruction.

If these procedures aren't set in place, there's no guarantee CSULB won't just take back their promise and force another two years of remote learning upon us.

138 have signed. Let’s get to 200!