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Make personal project at Huron high school optional.

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"Personal Project recently, and IB in general, has not exactly been an enjoyable experience for me. The whole required part of the class makes it seem like something shoved down every sophomore’s throat. The heavy-handed use of IB is a really frustrating part of going to Huron for many, myself being one of them. The fact that IB in Huron is supposed to “optional” really seems like a joke when faced with the waste of time that many feel that the required Personal Project class is. The two options given, in school to waste an hour or out of school to stress me out more really are just trapping me between a rock and a hard place."

In short, I feel that, especially after the emphasis at yesterday's (9/12) student meeting about how optional IB is, that Personal Project should not be a required course. Hearing directly from the school's leading administration about how I can choose to take an IB-free curriculum and then have an IB class forced into my schedule is just a bit frustrating. The Personal Project class is really just a huge waste of time to someone like me and many I know who are choosing to take an traditional IB-free curriculum. Instead of having time to take a class useful to a traditional schedule, such as an AP course, one has to waste an hour every day on IB curriculum that one will not be utilizing. Of course, one can also choose to take the class "outside" of school, in which case what feels like an year-long curriculum will be compressed into one semester, take up two days of lunch time a week many need for clubs and studying, and add extra stress to an already advanced, difficult schedule. Really, both taking Personal Project in school and taking it "out" of school are huge liabilities to a traditional, non-IB student.

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