Get MCPS to Move Fall and Winter Sports to Spring

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While we understand that safety is the number one priority, as it should be, we believe that cancelling fall and winter sports now is too premature. Sports are too important for too many people to cancel so early without knowing what the future holds. For some, sports are the only way to keep up their self esteem and meet with friends. They teach kids the value of teamwork and discipline, while helping to relieve the stress of school work to create a positive teenage experience. Also, cancelling these athletics will ruin the lives of thousands who need their season to be recruited to play in college, which is important since for some, playing sports in college is the only way to make it to college. Moreover, this decision is devastating for seniors because it’s their last year to play sports and is an experience they would treasure their entire lives. Please get MCPS to reconsider their plan and move fall and winter sports to the second semester, or at least postpone for now and review the decision when we can accurately assess the environment.

If you are worried about overlap with spring sports, the goal is to have winter sports go from January to mid-February, fall sports go from February to early April, and spring sports from April to late May. This is obviously just a suggestion but this allows students to play a spring and fall sport.

This petition was created by Jeremy Ullman, Nick Jones and Ryan Jayner in hopes to improve the school year for many students.