Get 9S a new German teacher (Replace Mrs Walker)

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Hello I am Harry Stewart, 

I am currently studying German at Urmston Grammar School which I will be taking for GCSE in 2020. I had a brilliant start to my German education in 2015 when Mr Gough taught us throughout Year 7 and Year 8. However, now in Year 9, with the imminent future of GCSE qualifications and the chosing of our options, we have a new teacher. Mrs Walker. Mrs Walker was our ‘Head of Year’ in Year 7 and now she is “teaching” us German. I feel that, along with all 29 other students in my form, we are lagging behind in our German lessons and that we are not reaching our true potential as the lessons are incredibly boring. Mrs Walker has not taught us anything knew since she took over from Mr Gough. She has simply “taught” us aspects that we learnt during our first year of German and are currently very confident with. She seems to be repeating everything we already know however when we inform her that we have already cover this subject and are confident with it, she decides to give us text book work. As I say we are taking German for GCSE and I strongly believe that Mrs Walker is not helping us towards this goal. She has slowed down our German lessons which has resulted in frequent class disruption as a consequence of bored students. If I had a pound for every lesson where we didn’t write anything in our books then I wouldn’t be sat here typing this on my sister’s ipod 5. Instead of writing out crucial information and vocabulary in our exercise books, she decides to ramble on about subjects we already know and force us to endure the pain of text book work for an hour and ten minutes. I am not intentionally trying to offend Mrs Walker as I have a great deal of respect for her as she is a teaching professional. I am only criticising her teaching methods, which I greatly disagree with. She has not helped me or anyone after starting teaching us in September. I feel as if I have gotten worse at German as I have not been taught anything new this year. This is a very worrying prospect as I, along with 29 other students in my form, have to take this subject for GCSE. My soul intention is to change teachers and swap back to Mr Gough as I believe he is an excellent teacher who has taught me so much and personally assisted me to strive in my German lessons. 

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