Postpone of PHLA11H3 midterm exam at the University of Toronto Scarborough

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Professor Waheed Hussain and the Registrar Office 

This petition has been created to address a major concern of the student body of class PHLA11H3 regarding the midterm exam.



- We, as students of PHLA11H3 - Introduction to Ethics class feel that it is unfair to announce a midterm date 10 days prior to when it is (February 15th, 2019).

- We feel that the expectation of understanding and memorizing 6 -7 weeks worth of content in 10 days also make it difficult for us to balance the workload of other courses that already clarified their midterms dates from the start. We also have a paper that is due this Friday (February 8th, 2019), that limiting us to only 7 days to prepare for the exam. If we could not do our best, we may have to retake those courses again, which costs a lot of money, especially for international students. 

-According to the notice, the midterm is not by the end of February and early March but the way the syllabus shows gave us the misunderstanding that the midterm is near the end of February and early March. This late notice causes a lot of us who already made commitments to other plans, such as work for the next week, struggle to change the schedule. There is work that we cannot book off in the prior of 10 days. If we had to make any change, it should be at least 2-week notice. If we fail to do so, we may be considered as unprofessional or worse, face our positions terminated by our employers.

Therefore, we would like Professor Waheed Hussain and the Registrar office to consider postponing the midterm date, or at least make the exam open-book. Lastly, just to clarify, we do not want to say that we disrespect any decision made by the Professor and Registrar Office. We recognize the time and effort you put in to help us succeed. We only hope that you recognize our financial and academic concerns. Please take our objections seriously. Thank you for your consideration.

Kind Regards,

PHLA11H3 - 2019