Consequences for the BSD Deputy Superintendent's Tweet

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The Deputy Superintendent of the Beaverton School District, Steve Phillips, retweeted a post on Twitter containing the following text:

“One of the biggest PREVENTABLE cause of death in America? An Avg of 12 Americans are killed daily by Illegal Aliens in our country. That’s over 4300 Americans a YEAR!! They are more dangerous than assault rifles and should be BANNED from out country #Marchtoendillegalkillings”

While Mr. Phillips is entitled to his own opinion and has every right to express his views, spreading inaccurate information on a public social media account is detrimental to the image and environment of the Beaverton School District. His post created a hostile environment for undocumented students and exhibited xenophobia and intolerance, both of which stray from BSD’s values.

As a student in the Beaverton School District, I am very disappointed that Mr. Phillips would create an environment that makes my undocumented peers uncomfortable.

Please sign this petition if you believe that Mr. Phillips should face consequences for his for his hateful tweet.