Students for Change: End Sexual Assault on Campus & End School Administration Neglect

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“Lemoore Union High School District systematically shames and silences sexual assault victims and should be held accountable for the lives they ruin as a result.”

-Savana Vernon, LMCHS Class of 2016

“When students suffer sexual assault and harassment, they are deprived of equal and free access to an education.”

-American Civil Liberties Union


1. Compile a large group of students’ stories in regards to experiencing sexual assault on campus, and more so the lack of appropriate action taken by the faculty
2. Highlight the sexism displayed by the LUHSD faculty and how this violates Title IX
3. Develop an appropriate plan for educating students and staff about sexual assault, establish a district wide regulation for punishing harassers, and provide appropriate counseling for victims
4. Ensure that all reports of sexual assault shall be vigorously investigated