Petition to extend mid-semester break of NITJ in light of the COVID-19 outbreak

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The goal of this petition is to request an extension in the mid semester break of NITJ, in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the college.

The novel coronavirus, which originated in the Wuhan region of China, has quickly spread all over the world. It has already claimed over 3,500 lives worldwide and the trend only suggests that it is likely to worsen over the coming weeks. India has reported 42 cases(at the time of writing this petition), with the number rapidly rising over the past week.

International health organizations, such as the World Health Organization- or WHO for short- has suggested that it is of utmost importance to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Among other things, it has also suggested that we avoid public gatherings and take precautionary measures while greeting other people. As India ranks lowly in the global sanitation index, it is very vulnerable to a national epidemic. Until now, two confirmed cases have been reported in Amritsar, among many others suspect within Punjab. As our college, NIT Jalandhar, is home to a few thousand students and faculty members, it will be an unfortunate event in case the virus finds its way to our college.

Within the college, all students and faculty live within close proximity and share essential amenities such as water dispensers and toilets. Many students and professors dine at the Night Canteen, Snackers, etc. making them prone to undesirable sanitation. Moreover, most students will be returning home through hotspots of the virus outbreak such as Delhi-NCR and Mumbai, increasing the risk of potential carriers to the college. Therefore, it is a potential threat to anyone who is associated with the college. We believe that the health of any individual should not be compromised, and thus request an extension in the mid semester break, as per the discretion of the medical officers of NITJ.

Prevention is better than cure. 

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