Ending Sexual Harassment in Schools

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What's the problem?

So many cases of Sexual Harassment in schools have been reported and an overwhelming amount have gone completely under-the-radar. In a survey of 1,632 randomly selected public school students in grades 8 through 11, 85% of female and 76% of male students said they have experienced some form of sexual harassment during their school lives.

Sexual Harassment is NOT a joke, or anything that should be taken lightly.

Sexual Harassment often has situational or perminant side-effects. Sexual harassment impacts on students' ability to function in school. Students who have been harassed reported that they didn't want to attend school, were less inclined to participate in class, found it hard to concentrate or study, stayed home from school and cut class, made lower grades, and had second thoughts about whether they would graduate from high school. Many reported negative emotional effects of sexual harassment, including feeling embarrassed and self-conscious, losing confidence, and being afraid or confused.

So there may always be sexual harassment in the world, but a place there should be none is school. Schools haven't been as vocal about sexual harrasment as we believe they should. Many public schools around the US highly focus on the dress code more than sexual harrasment! Often times schools avoid topics that could be touchy or inappropriate, however problems need to be solved, even if the problem could be uncomfortable to talk about.


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Never sexually harass a peer, coworker, stranger or other.

Speak up if you ever witness or hear about acts of sexual harassment occuring.

Taking steps to protect yourself and your peers.

Never blame a victim of sexual harassment.

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