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End rotating schedules at LHS

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School schedules should never cause problems to the students and faculty within its own system. However during the 2016-2017 school year, the Lyndhurst Board of Education voted on a ridiculous and unorganized schedule plan that has students, teachers, and parents in disarray. The Lyndhurst school districts’ typical schedule is an A and B day system. This consists of 5 blocks including lunch through the day, each lasting 80 minutes. An example of the A and B day schedule can go Algebra II, Physics CP, Lunch, Art I, and US History II for an A day, and for a B day Gym, English II, Lunch, Italian II, and Personal Finance.

The picture shown takes the idea of the A and B day schedule and gives it an un-required shake. It creates confusion among the student body that is not needed in everyday life. This new plan is going into effect only for Lyndhurst High School for the idea that “students will be able to experience classes at different times of the day”, as quoted by the Lighthouse newsletter within the high school. For many students in the high school, timing for certain classes is crucial. Many students get math in the morning, and for some it is the best time, and for others it is the worst time. Why throw them off schedule and move their classes to different times of the day multiple times in a month, when you can just leave them to learn. Why try to fix something that is not broken?

            A majority of the students at LHS go to their lockers frequently to drop off books, get new ones for classes, keep things safe and store other possessions they might need to. Not knowing that it’s an A3 day and not an A2 day might ruin their locker schedule because it would be hard to remember. The hallways which are already complicated to travel in will also become more crowded and backed up due to the confusion of what class to get to. Another issue that will be caused is absent days. How will students who have been out for a period of time know what day it is, or what time their makeup work will be due? It will just add more unneeded stress for students.            

The change was made by the Lyndhurst Board of Education, Education and Curriculum Committee, however this change was never mentioned prior to the November 21, 2016 meeting.   Why would this suddenly be brought to surface? Was there research done saying this new schedule would benefit every student in the high school? Did anyone even consider the voices of the student body? Did they bother to think about the teachers about having to constantly switch room’s every day? The answer is simple; they did not consider any of this. They do not know what complications they are adding by implementing this new rotating schedule. To what benefit is this change?

To conclude, the new schedule change at Lyndhurst High School will cause problems for many students if it is not prevented. The Board of Education will lose nothing by keeping things the way they are, so students, parents and teachers should help make the community’s voices heard. Every child is guaranteed an education, one that should be seamless.  The implementation of this schedule has not been explained to parents or the children and should not without further research into the long term good of it.   

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