E waste management and Informal sector

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Every year tones of E-waste is generated. In year 2016, in India, more than 2 million times of E-waste was generated. And it was estimated that in year 2017 it will be more than 3.5 million tones.

But where is the E-waste is actually getting recycled?

Is it really getting Recycled? 

Is the E-waste is being handover to the licenced recyclers? Or it is handover to the informal practitioner?

In India the number of Licenced recyclers is very less and most of the recycling is done by the untrained and unskilled people.

The number of people working in such informal sector is very high and even young kids of age between 8 to 15 years are working in such informal sector.

The condition of such places is very unhygienic and people and children are dealing with harmful gases and chemicals.

If serious steps can be taken for E-waste management, a better future can be created.

Its a request to get in touch with this Informal sector people and train them and converter this Informal sector into formal one. So that this people will not lose their job. And the kids working in such sector should be  brought out of it.