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The new dress code policy at Branham should be revised

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Branham high school has established a new dress code that doesn't allow female students to wear any off the shoulder shirts or for any part of the back or shoulders to be exposed. I completely understand that this is an effort to keep male students from getting distracted during class and allow them to focus on their studies, however this new policy will not only not solve the problem, but it will make the problem worst. 

Let me start off by saying that this "problem" of male students being distracted by shoulders and/or backs  is nonexistent. Think about it, will shoulders (which men have too by the way) really distract them from their studies? Let me just say that I have never met any guy who would say yes to that. So really, this "problem" that the dress code is trying to solve wasn't even a problem to begin with. 

The entire ideology that women have to cover themselves up so that men don't get distracted is a fallacy. The fact that female students are forced to hide their shoulders demonstrates that the dress code policy objectifies women. It takes away their ownership of their bodies and gives it to men, as if women have to dress according to guidelines so that men don't think a certain way. Additionally, this dress code policy implies that male students have no control of themselves.

Therefore, students should be free to wear whatever they desire but should also not overdo it. For example, the only people who should be dresscoded should be those with shorts that are too short or those with too much cleavage showing, not those who wear an off the shoulder top with high waisted jeans and a bralette. 

Please sign this petition if you would like to eliminate Branham high schools' new dress code policy and to give the students at Branham the freedom to choose how they want to express themselves, while still having some restrictions to what they wear.

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