Don't Let Ontario Schools Ban Cellphones

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Ontario is set to announce this week that cellphones will be banned in classrooms, starting in the next school year. This new rule is outrageous and counters half the reason students use their phones in class these days. Our schools have provided us with apps such as MySchoolDay, and Google Classroom which are meant to serve as agendas and a source of information on upcoming tests and assignments. The homework the ONTARIO SCHOOL SYSTEM gives US is, in many cases, only accessible through Google Classroom. In addition, not all classes can sign out laptops and technology and not all students have the luxury of bringing laptops and tablets to school to complete in-class work. If a student is misusing their cellphone during class time, there are bins in which to put them and teachers can take the phones away. If there becomes a problem with cellphones in one specific classroom, that room can have a 'no cellphone' policy. However banning an entire province from a convenient and life-changing technology will do no good for this situation. DO NOT LET THE ONTARIO SCHOOL SYSTEM BAN PHONES. SIGN THIS PETITION AND SHOW THEM HOW WRONG THIS DECISION IS BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.