Don't Let Bay Shore District Fire Over 60 Teachers

Don't Let Bay Shore District Fire Over 60 Teachers

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Nick Gurinsky
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The Bay Shore school board is firing a large number of teachers that have done so much for the district.

These teachers include:

  • advanced placement teachers
  • academics such as science, math and English teachers
  • music teachers who teach and run extra curricular activities such as jazz band, pit orchestra and chamber orchestra
  • sports coaches
  • social workers

There are many more, but these teachers have been there for students and have done amazing things in Bay Shore. There is a huge chance that these people may never return. The board says that some may return when school and scheduling begin, but this is not guaranteed and is highly unlikely to happen.

"The duty of any board of education is to empower children by providing them with the tools to learn. Without teachers, social workers, and guidance counselors we rob the students of an optimal learning environment. Bay Shore's Board of Education's decision to lay off dozens of workers, including teachers and social workers alike, is a disservice to the entire community.

The lack of transparency in finances is a violation of the board's responsibility to serve the workers and students of the district. The board should not make decisions that ultimately hurt the education system."

We do not want to see the schools without these people, they have done so much for the students and their community. They are good people and don't deserve to lose their jobs. Without educators, there is no school.