Diversity, Equity, Justice and Inclusion #UCFfirehim

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Dubia Dubia
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The University of Central Florida in Orlando is a minority serving institution. UCF has more black students than Florida’s flagship HBCU! However, the majority (80%) of its faculty and staff are white. The university's president's office is ALL white. The Office of Institutional Equity has an ALL white staff. Black staff are called Niggers and The Help by white staff. Senior staff have stated that General Robert E. Lee is an American hero and blacks should worship him. Black staff are retaliated against and fired for speaking out. The offices responsible for protecting Blacks and minorities are managed by ALL white people who are tone deaf to racial issues. Several reports have been filed; however, university leaders refused to act. The UCF Board of Trustees are not upholding their governing responsibilities. The Florida Board of Governors does not hold UCF accountable. Please help solve these injustices.

  • Investigate Professor Charles Negy.
  • Hire black and Hispanic staff to work in the president's office.
  • Hire 20% more black faculty.
  • Hire 20% more black staff. 
  • Hire 20% more Hispanic faculty. 
  • Hire 20% more Hispanic staff.
  • Hire a Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
  • Reinstate the university’s senior black staff members who were wrongfully terminated or removed from their positions: John Pittman, Elizabeth Dooley, Briant Coleman and Greg Robinson. 
  • Create a Diversity and Equity Plan.