Gender-based discriminatory school dress code!

Girls are being sexualized. That's not in any way okay. We are young and we should never be shamed for wearing soemthing just because some people decide to look at us. It condones rape culture. It teaches young girls that we should cover up in order to avoid being sexualized. Like It's our fault that people can't control themselves. And the guys really didn't care until they made it such a big deal. And not everything fits everyone the same so to say fingertip length could be booty shorts on one person with shorter arms, and knee length for someone with longer arms. It is unfair and disgusting. I had a teacher say to me that my outfit of high waisted biking shorts and a crop top ( no skin was exposed) was very unprofessional and I was in a professional environment. Which is clearly not the case. Furthermore, I am a student,I do not work there. I do not need to look professional. This has to be changed or girls will always be ashamed of their bodies and scared that they will be raped, and boys will be taught that if a girl is wearing "revealing" clothing, that they are asking for it by wearing such attire.

Liesl Grubbs, Lubbock, TX, United States
1 month ago
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