Gender-based discriminatory school dress code!

I honestly think its bc they believe a boy should have short hair and a girl should have long hair. I dont agree with that. A school tried to make a girl make her hair grow faster since it was cut short. she had something get stuck in it. You cant get a motorized toy helicopter out of hair besides to cut it. Schools will do anything pretty much to make you follow THEIR beliefs. My school is just selective on who they dress code and sexist. They never dress code the guys even when they wear the same damn thing a girl wears. Ive noticed that my schools assistant principal selects who she dress codes. If someone is wearing a strapless jumper and so is another but one has bigger breasts than the other, she will dress code the girl with bigger breasts. Same thing goes for the booty. If she got bigger cake, dress coded because they have to do it to fingertip length. Some women have long arms. People cant control that just like people cant control their genetics. A school cant make you do squat if its over something ridiculous. Its a good thing your speaking up. Im also speaking up about my schools dress code. Just like there, the handbook hasnt been updated for years here. It really says no spike jewlery. I see kids wearing that daily with nothing said to them. Ive also seen a girl straight up walk into the building in just a sports bra and jeans. Spaghetti strap bra. Dress code says "3 fingers wide" i got dress coded over a tank top strap that was just a centimeter too small. What if you have fat fingers? They need to take things into consideration.

Lydia Griffith, Honey Brook, PA, United States
2 months ago
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