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Change in KSPS Girls Uniform to include Popular Royal Blue Skorts

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For at least the past five years (2012 - 2017) since my child has attended Kingswood South Public School, girls have been wearing the BIG W/B&L style skorts as uniform. Not once in those five years has it been advertised that these skorts are not an accepted part of uniform up until 10th March, 2017. It was put to the P&C in March 1st about an inclusion of this item, this request was denied.  

The week 7, Term 1 newsletter stated that the skirt is not to be worn at school as it is not an approved uniform item and that the current school uniform has been agreed upon by the school community. Not a one stage during my five years as a community member have we had a review of the school uniform in regards to the girls uniform. This petition agrees there should definately be a suitable agreed uniform, however are seeking ' A review and change of the school uniform policy to include this skort as an accepted part of the girls KSPS Uniform'.

We request this change due to the following:

1) the comfort of our children, e.g. the school culottes are very ill fitting, uncomfortable, heavy and difficult for young students to manage during toilet visits.  

2) The economic advantage of $10 skorts. In our low SES area many households struggle to afford and sent students in ill fitting, uncomfortable and expensive culottes.  

Department of Education School Uniform Policy (REFERENCE NUMBER
PD/2004/0025/V01) states the following points supporting our wishes for the school to review the school uniform policy and include this skort as an accepted part of the girls KSPS Uniform. Link to policy

Department of Education School Uniform Policy

A school uniform should reflect school community standards and expectations. It should be developed in consultation with and agreed upon by the school community. It should be based on a strong student and parent voice. The whole school community has a role to play in encouraging the meeting of these standards.

Each school's uniform policy must be the result of formal consultation with students, teachers and parents or carers, including the Parents and Citizens' Association, local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group and School Council where relevant.

A school's uniform policy should take into account the diverse nature of the student population in the school and not disadvantage any student. Economic, personal, social and cultural factors affecting students and their families must be considered when deciding on items of uniform. Other considerations, such as body shape or religious requirements should be taken into account in making a final decision on the design and fabric of school uniforms.

The school's uniform policy and school uniform requirements should be reviewed at least every five years and amended where necessary. Groups within the school community may also seek a review when circumstances change significantly or issues arise.

Suspension or expulsion solely for non-compliance with uniform requirements is not to occur. Student enrolment cannot be contingent upon adherence to school uniform policy.

Students should not be disadvantaged where required uniform items are not available because of circumstances beyond their control.

Conscientious objections by parents to the wearing of school uniform should be respected.

It is the responsibility of the principal to ensure that the school uniform policy is developed and reviewed collaboratively with the school community. 


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