Change for unrealistic attendance targets in the education system

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Due to recent changes within the targets that places of education need to achieve, students and teachers alike have been put under pressure to maintain high attendance, disregarding many justifiable reasons for absence. Many students have been threatened with removal from courses they really want to attend due to personal reasons leading to absence such as mental health, personal issues including family and of course serious and minor illnesses which they do not want to spread if contagious. Even though absences can be authorised, places of education are now unauthorising certain absences because they believe that the reason for it is unjustified or the absentee has been off for too long a period of time. This is not only unfair, but very stressful for anyone in the educational system, teachers may begin pressing their students for higher attendance due to the fear of losing their jobs and this negatively reflecting on their teaching abilities, even if they are incredibly capable at teaching. Students may begin attending college when they are incapable of focusing or learning due to their own reasons out of fear of losing their place on their course or the involvement of their parents which may also frighten them. 

Students may already be under so much stress at home from their parents that they really do not the extra stress and fear of not receiving the help that they need at their place of education.

The education system is being pressured massively to reach certain targets and statistics neglecting their students' and teachers' wellbeing by doing so. Think about how much of a difference this education could make to a single person, we are lucky enough to live in a country where we are taught for free because of the society we live in, it has the power to change lives but with this pressure it has the capability to make lives worse. 

Since when did education become more concerned about numbers, mere statistics, then the lives it can make better by providing safe, environments where people can learn and thrive, potentially giving them the skills they need to live happily?

So I would like to ask you, if this was you or your child in this situation, at the point of losing their place in education all because of a low attendance, which is valid because of recent problems, would you want their/your place of education to help rather than take away your place? 

Sign and give students a second chance at an education.

sign and take immense stress off of teaching staff that have to let students go for reasons such as absence for mental health, illness and family issues. 

The education system needs to change, you can help to further the possibility of change just by signing.

thank you for your time.