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Central College Meal Plan

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Recently, Central College Dining Services rolled out a new meal plan for students on campus for the 2017-2018 academic year. Students are upset with many of the changes that have been made, and this is a place to speak.

• Use it or lose it? I say LOSE IT! We, as Central College students, are being taken advantage of through this deliberate act of cutting costs, options, and availability for dining on campus. Will you stand with me and make our voice be heard?

• Suggestions? Include them in your comments when you sign!


• Meals should NOT be forfeited if not used during designated meal times for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Students cannot be expected to be present on campus for every meal each week, especially during college-sanctioned absences or weekends. Meals should be good through the week, and double swipes should be allowed at Fred's & the Café in order to use the meals prior to the rollover each week. I understand that the goal is to "profit" from these unused meal plans each week, but we as the students should not be held responsible for the college's financial rework. 
• Meal plans should be pegged with a dollar amount for students to purchase what they desire, not from a prescribed list of meal combo options at Fred's and the Café. Items from Fred's and the Café should be purchasable by both a meal OR Dutch Guilders. Ex. At Fred's, your "side" options with a meal combo are fries, chips, or fruit. Upon my understanding, the items are priced as follows: fries ($2), chips ($1), and fruit ($0.75). If you were to add these items to a $4 entrée, they are not equal. Those choosing to pick fruit over fries are LOSING $1.25 each meal that could be put towards another piece of fruit, or another item. This doesn't make sense. 
• Build your own sandwich and salad at Fred's were popular among students. Where did they go?

• The prices at the Cafe. I used to be able to get a large latte and a bagel, muffin, or scone. Now, I can only get a large latte and a yogurt, fruit, or a granola bar. These options are much less filling, and that means a large latte costs $5. The other day I went to Smokey Row, and I got a large latte that costs $4. I think it is a bit outrageous that I am paying more on-campus than I would be at an actual traditional coffee shop, and I am not able to get something more filling for breakfast. 

• There is currently no "meal plan" option from 10 - 11 a.m. Students are only able to use Dutch Guilders during this time. There should be a meal option available at all times each day. This could be breakfast at the Café. 
• I vote we call our dining dollars "Dutch Dollars." The alliteration is too good to pass up.

 Words by Tristan Miedema, Rachel Flynn, and Emily Van Gent

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