CBSE should reconduct math examination

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The paper leak of math board examination was extremely unfortunate.But, I believe in a fair chance. People who studied the bare minimum do not deserve more marks (or even full marks) than people who studied and gave the paper truthfully. This is fraud and disheartening. Many students and I want a re-examination so that we can have a fair shot at the paper.Even if we've to work hard. So be it. 

I fully understand people who are mentally exhausted and do not want to give the retest .I was infuriated with this news of retest too, but now I've realised its importance. There were people in my exam haul who are utter failures but were enjoying and crying tears of happiness because they would get full marks due to the leaked paper. This is extremely unfair and disheartening.Many students and I want justice and fair chance. 

Many 12 grade students do not want the retest,but many class X grade students do. However, CBSE has done the opposite. No justice for class X students.