Cancellation of online lectures

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As we all are aware, online lectures are to be held from 10th of April, 2020 as per the everday timetable. While it's a commendable initiative by our college, Manipal University Jaipur, it goes against the summer vacations, since this time is crucial for grabbing the opportunity to complete internships and develop industry skills, for which there's barely any time in the college. The email read that we'll be getting in-house internships but industry based internships is what all of us students are after since that's what recruiters look for, which can only be done in this time period. Further, the weather of Rajasthan is not very hospitable when it comes to the months of June-July, not to mention the hostel, New Doors Host, does not understand the concept of providing AC facility during the day. The time of summer vacation is of utmost importance for students in their penultimate year, it's a make or break for the careers. We, therefore, urge the authorithies to reconsider their decision, at the very least. Or provide us with an alternative which does not hinder with the vacation. We've paid our fees for in class lectures, not online lectures which would defeat multiple purposes on our education. 

We request you to consider one of the following resolves:

1. Cancel the online lectures.

2. Refund 50-75% of the college tuition fees of the semester, if not.  

3. Conduct the lectures from June, if the lockdown extends.

4. Conduct sessionals and other exams online, much like many other universities in India.