Cancellation of offline exams in SRHU

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  1. Swami Rama Himalayan University has decided to conduct universtiy exams through an offline mode in the month of july when covid-19 is a major crisis all over the world.
  2. Students from different areas are asked to leave their safe areas and gather to the university for exams.
  3. Students are asked to travel a long distance which makes them vulnerable to get caught by the covid 19 virus.
  4. The university has no plans of taking any responsibility of the students if they are found with any symptoms or if somebody is found positive.
  5. Exams are also being conducted of students from 3rd year (which is not  the final year in many courses) through an offline mode without any official notice from the government.
  6. If a student agrees to come a long way to the university facing all the covid19 problems in different areas and if somehow is found positive with covid19 symptoms, then who will be responsible for the student life also its financial responsibiliy Will it be the Teachers or the College or the Government.
  7. We ask you to sign this petition so that we can raise our voice against this irresponsible way of the college to conduct exam.
  8. We ask the university to cancel the exams or to conduct it through an online mode or to extend the session as long as the situation comes under control!!