Cancellation of CCSU INTERMEDIATE SEMISTER EXAMS WITH immediate effects

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We request the immediate cancellation of Intermediate Semesters Examination for CCSU Students

In light of the COVID 19 Pandemic, Many Esteemed Universities have cancelled their End Semester Examination with immediate effect as per UGC Guidelines, giving students relief and a sense of safety in this tough time.

We can be contacted at a dialogue, media queries and concerns.

However CCSU decided to keep the deadline of cancellation uncertain till July 20th 2020 building pressure, stress and fear in the minds of student.

The Mental Health and Equal Opportunity of students is not something which can be compromised

1) Many students do not have regular access to Internet, Laptops and Mobile Devices due to Economical and Geographical barriers, making them not being able to access the online classes, Notes and Quizzes hence it is not fair to ask them to give exams whether Offline or Online

2) Many students are out of Delhi and fearing for health and safety it is not right to ask them to leave the safety of their own homes to live unsupervised in PGs and Hostels

3) The Mental Health of students is being affected. They are already living in a difficult time surrounded by fear, anxiety and stress and by making them live in uncertainty while other universities are cancelling exams is not fair

4) Students with disabilities, Underlying Health Conditions and Morbidities are also under an unfair situation in such a situation

5) The Focus should be entirely on Final Year Students as their careers and degrees are compromised in this situation and thus their exams should be conducted over a proper period without the concern for intermediate semesters

In conclusion, with the the current scenario, We ask the CCSU Administration to follow the UGC Guidelines and Cancel Intermediate Semester Examinations and Grade on the basis of Internal Assessment and Previous Semesters