Save Grassy Narrows

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Grassy Narrows is an indigenous reserve located in Western Ontario. The population of this land includes 800 First Nations of which over 100 have already died due to the incompetence of our government. In the 1960's the Canadian government knowingly allowed Reed Paper, a large mill, to dump several tons of mercury into the Wabigoon River. The mercury was quickly consumed into the soil and downstream the river which led to 90% of the population contracting mercury poisoning. Since then, no efforts have been done to clean up the mercury or save the people dying from its effects. It is evident that cleaning up this mess is too costly for our government so they are passively waiting until the entire population dies. It is clear that our Canadian government worries more about money then the price of hundreds of Canadian lives.

However, we don't have to sit idly by and let our country commit environmental racism. Sign our petition to show that you cannot put a price on a Canadian life and make our members of parliament confess to their deadly acts and right their wrongs.