Stop sexualizing and ridiculing teenagers bodies, especially girls through their clothing

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Teachers and school representatives who are supposed to facilitate a supportive learning environment that encourages self expression and individuality have for far too long mocked, targeted and sexualized the bodies of students at South Kam, especially girls, for wearing clothes that they deem revealing and inappropriate. They claim that by showing their shoulders, midriffs, chest or other body parts, that they are violating an illusive learning environment. This sexualisation has been indured by vulnerable and impressionable students through public mocking, sly comments, inappropriate imitation of the victim, extensive and humiliating private lectures and patriarchal and misogynistic misuse of power by the very leaders that are setting examples at South Kam. As a grade 12 student, some personal experiences I’ve had with teachers sexualizing my body was being called pregnant in grade 8 gym class after a tiring run, being told that I was not worthy of giving advice to a fellow student because I could barely cover my body and being told I was disrespectful for showing 5 inches of midriff during class. Those examples are based off of my individual experience and does not account for the countless others that students at SKSS have experienced. Sexualisation of minors should not be prioritized over learning. In fact, the humiliation from representatives of south SKSS is more inappropriate than the clothes being worn And the skin being shown by the students. These encounters influence self esteem and confidence and make students no longer want to come to school, hindering the supposed learning environment and initial goal of dress coding in the first place. As students, we aim to create an environment that encourages self expression and discouraged the predatorial sexualisation of minors at school. If inexperienced children can be mature enough to recognize and honour self expression, why isn’t the same being done by teachers and leaders at SKSS? 

By signing this petition, you are recognizing the issue of sexualisation of students, especially girls at SKSS and wish to put an end to the abuse of power by teachers. Let learning be the influential factor in a learning environment, not the clothes and bodies of students.